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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weighing In (plus a bonus rant)

It seems like Wednesdays are coming faster and faster, probably because it's my favorite time of the year!!!!! I love fall and winter and all that comes along with it!  So I was down exactly 1 pound yesterday... I'll take it!  That puts me at 225.6 (eeeekkkk) which is 47.4 lbs (and yes I had to use a calculator)!!  Which means I have to buckle down and get my ass in gear if I'm going to reach my 10lb/month goal for October since this is probably the last month I could hit it.  I know I can't lose 10lbs a month forever, but hey a girl can dream.  So next week, I need to lose 2.6lbs..... we shall see :)

Okay... mini rant.  Do you guys have that one person at work that is just odd... perfectly nice, but maybe talks to themselves about their cats in a normal conversational tone/volume, or asks you questions and then freaks out on you shouting "nevermind",  or talks to you like they think you are stupid???  Yeah...... I got to be partners with that guy last night... let's just say, longest 12 hours ever!!!!!  Maybe not ever, but my anxiety level was up... and that's a lot from this girl.

these thoughts were basically on my mind all night..... what would we do without e-cards?!??!

Now, on to my big rant for the morning.... Halloween costumes.  You might be curious as to how someone could have beef with something so fun.  This is my beef.... WHY ARE ALL COSTUMES FOR ADULTS SLUTTY?!?!? I am looking for a nice, cute, PG Halloween costume to wear to a friend's house to help pass out candy to small children who do not need to learn what a vagina is from my Little Red Riding Hood costume!  ALSO,  I know I have come a long way on my journey to sexy bitch/hooker/future soccer mom-dom but I am still plus sized and these costumes should NEVER have the word plus in front of them.  No offense to the ladies who like to flaunt what they've got.... truly.  So, I am back at square one... no Halloween costume and being faced with the idea of getting some kind of animal ears,  cut up a sweatshirt flashdance style, some leggings, and making a TY tag necklace and calling myself a beanie baby.... beyond sad, I know.  So.... please please please someone have an amazing costume idea to share with me!!!  For the record, next Halloween I WILL be rocking something distastefully slutty!

I don't remember these hookers in Disney World!

I don't want to end on a negative note, so, I am always envious of people's awesome food posts.  And while this is by no means earth shattering, it's my go to breakfast and I loves it!!!  It's just one serving of quick cook oats, mix in 1 tsp brown sugar, and sprinkled with cinnamon!  It is yummy and filling and keeps me full til lunch and only has 195 calories.  I had tried the Weight Control brand before and it didn't seem like near as much food for only a few less calories.  Plus it's a 5 minute breakfast that I can scarf down before my workouts with Jillian and still usually make it to bed by 9am!
please excuse the shitty quality, I am hoping for a real camera from Santa!

Talk to you amazing chickies soon!!

love, jenn

PS  if anyone knows how to make the cute little signatures like I see on so many blogs,  help a tech challenged gal out and tell me how, I want to be cool too :)

PPS.  I know my grammar sucks ass.  I'm pretty sure I lost all grammatical knowledge while making room for my mad life-saving/starting an IV in 1 stick skills.  I'm sorry..... not really :)


  1. What about an m&m?

    PS I love ecards.

  2. When you find out about the cute signatures please let me know.. I have been wanting one myself!

  3. Congrats on the loss! Great work so far!!

    And I totally agree about costumes. Being someone who came from a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween to then living here it was kind of a shock to see all of these slutty outfits!!

  4. A pound is a pound... Congrats! I need to buckle down the rest of October with you!

    And the Halloween part made me laugh... How hard is it for a woman to find a costume that doesn't show her vagina? Ha.

    Have a great weekend, Jenn!! I'll be Rolling Tide for ya!