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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SHHHH it's a VLOG! Swag Swap Show Off

Happy Wednesday ladies!!

So, I finally got my vlog post to work!!  I have so much going on today that I had to limit myself to 1 take and I had only been awake long enough to put on make up, so it's basically awkward... so it should make for a good laugh at the very least.  I've never done a vlog before so I don't know how to do all the fanciness to make it better quality or what not, so again I apologize for the crumminess.  However, I want to give another HUGE thanks to Marianne aka The Mrs. D!!  She was the best partner EVAH and is the newest addition to my BFFs!!  So, enjoy your morning laugh at my expense, don't worry, I'm laughing too :)

Also, I realized after I did the video that I left out the super cute cupcake ornament she had sent me!  I put it on the tree and forgot to take it down so here it is 
Isn't it GREAT!!  It's PINK, it's GLITTERY, and it's a CUPCAKE!!  Need I really say more?!?  It has a primo spot on my tree and every time I look at it and smile thinking about my new blog friends.

Well I hope you guys all enjoyed your swag if you participated in the swap, and if you didn't get to play, here's a chance to join in!  Keyona and I are putting together a Secret Santa.  HERE is the link to all the details, sign up by December 2 to play!!!

I am going to get in my first run in over a week today.... YIKES!  I've missed it and the scale has too.  Just a warning, don't eat Taco Bell and baby shower food and expect to see anything less than 4 lbs of water weight the next morning!  But it's okay, I'm back to eating mostly clean and getting my sweat on today!

Okay, well I'm off to attempt to cram 7582654 things into my last day off  before Ryan gets home and we have our first official Christmas movie night of the year!!  Hope everyone has a fantabulous day filled with glitter and unicorns :)


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! This was awesome! :) I totally love getting my boxes and bags back too...I think it's because I'm a tightwad with money...those things aren't cheap, yo! I am so glad you liked everything - I had way too much fun doing it and *might* have gone a little over my budget doing it HAHA! I am totally signing up for the Secret Santa Swap! LOVE YOU BFF!

  2. You are so stinking cute you side-mouth talker you! Holla for the vlog y'all! Enjoy your Christmas evening with Ryan!

  3. Oh you are adorable! I love it!! And good luck gettin' all that stuff done. :)

  4. OMG! You are the cutest thing ever!!!! This is why I love it!