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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weigh Day Wednesday

Today is that special day.... our weekly visit with our favorite whore that we just can't get enough of..... the scale!!  The day where we hop on to see just how little much all our hard work has paid off this week OR to see how bad our bad choices really were. I woke up this morning fully prepared to see my first weekly gain thanks to my 3 day return to fat girl status earlier this week where I managed to pack on 3 lbs... SERIOUSLY?!?  I've been busting ass all week in hopes to just break even.  So when I get my official weigh in of a 0.8lb gain, I don't feel SOO bad.  Actually, that is a dirty lie.. I feel horrible.  I wanted to cry a little bit, it sucked major limp D.

Adding to this unfair day, I had to go to a re-certification class for work.... they expect me to re-learn how to save lives every 2 years...... what the real problem is that they expect me to be anywhere at 8am!  I left my house with an hour and a half to get to the hospital... plenty of time, I may even grab a Starbucks on my way in.  WRONG!  Not that I live outside a HUGE city or anything, but it is the biggest city Alabama has to offer and working night shift means, I am always going against the flow.  So as 8am comes and goes and I'm still sitting in traffic, I am pissed, have already guzzled a liter of water and have to pee like a racehorse.  I roll into my class 30 minutes late just to find out that they locked the doors and gave my spot away... apparently living in the suburbs is not a valid excuse.  So I truck it all the way back home, having wasted about 3 hours of my life last day off!  Instead of being awesome and taking my anger out on Jillian or assuring that we will have clean panties to wear for the next week, I put my night shirt back on and crawl into bed next to Ryan and my pups to try and kick the headache I have been rocking for 3 days.... cue sad violin.

About 3 hours later I wake up and decide that I'm starting over.   I hop back on the scale and what do ya know... I'm DOWN 0.8 lbs from last week.  I quickly edited my earlier post in MFP since the smaller number always wins and was instantly in a great mood and plan to tackle the rest of my afternoon and night... since I have to stay up all night anyways to prepare for my 3 days as a vampire.  I WILL clean up around the house, catch up on some of laundry mountain, and I WILL do Jillian hard core.

I am not really one for coming up with amazing recipes, I'd rather just mooch them off of my friends.  So last night I made 4 Spice Chicken Thighs (I used wings) that I stole from the amazing Keyona at Skinny and Delicious.  If you don't already follow her blog you are cray-cray go check it out.  She has lots of yummy recipes that even I can make!.  I didn't follow the directions exactly, but it was AMAZING and will definitely become a go-to in my dinner planning.  I paired it with some broccoli and was one happy girl.

Thanks for all the comments about my run yesterday!  It really made my day, y'all are the best!


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