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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A-Z All About Me!!!

Happy New Year's Eve Hookahs!!!

I have had a truly uneventful past few days so I have nothing to really blog about.... I managed to score a night off work so that I had 2 days to clean my house and set up all my new toys,  I have done mostly well with my eating and will be renewing my relationship with Jillian at 8am New Year's day... that's about it.  But I didn't want to leave 2012 without one last post, and I have seen this gem floating around a few of my favorite reads, so I thought I'd give it a steal.  Enjoy :)

A. Age: 25
B:  Bed size: Queen.  I'd love a king, but we just got a GREAT  hand me down bedroom suiteC. Chore you hate:  LAUNDRY!  I actually need to be folding some right now... I have the Mt.    Kilamanjaro of laundry in my closetD. Dogs: 2. Ali and Brick.  Ali is a golden retriever mix, Brick is a german shepherd.... Both are spoiled rotten
E. Essential start to your day: Immediately peeing, then coffee and brushing of the teeths
F. Favorite color: Purple and Yellow
G. Gold or Silver: White gold
H. Height: 5'7
I. Instruments you play: BAHAHAHA!!!  i wanted a guitar once, but my dad didn't want to waste his money, I failed the test to even audition for band
J. Job Title: RN, BSN if you want to get fancy with it
K. KidsJust the dogs.... and my fiance, depending on the day
L. Live: Sweet Home Alabama..... just south of Birmingham
M. Married:  I will be on November 2, 2013!!!
N. Nicknames: Jenn, Wing-a-ling (Ryan), and Bones.... I used to be really skinny so it wasn't always ironic
O. Overnight hospital stays: Only if you count working night shift
P. Pet peeve: wow.... so many.  I HATE repeating myself
Q. QuoteI don't really have one.... I'm lame
R. Righty or LeftyRighty.
S. Siblings: Sister... 15 months younger
T. Time you wake up:  depends on the day.  If I have to work 4:30PM, if I'm off around 7:30ish
U. University attended: University of Alabama Huntsville
V. Vegetables you dislike: Brussel Sprouts
W. What makes you run late: My love of being in the bed
X. X-rays you've had: foot and dental ones.... and I'm sure multiple accidental onces at work 
Y. Yummy food: MEXICAN!!!!  I could probably eat it every single day and never get sick of it
Z. Zoo animal favorite: ELEPHANTS!!!!

So there you have it.  I know... fascinating.  Coming up this week I've got my first weigh in since getting back on the wagon, and depending on how balls-y I get a post and photos dedicated to my Operation Red Bikini journey... so exciting I know :)

Have an awesome and safe New Year, my loves!!  I will be bringing it in at work with a glass of sparkling grape juice.... I'm just too out of control for my own good these days!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ugly Truths & Operation Red Bikini

Firstly, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!  Overall, mine was amazing, aside from coming home to the 4 biggest piles of dog diarrhea that ever existed and my carpet still stinks.  I got to spend a whole week with my family.  We ran ourselves to the point of exhaustion, and then a little farther... it was a blast!  Sadly, Ryan and I did not merge our holidays this year like I had planned.  There was just so much to do in so little time, and we were both pretty selfish about giving up time.... so we just decided that instead of arguing or being grumpy we'd just go with our own families.  Ahh, the joys of living out of town and having funky work schedules. 

I got so many wonderful gifts, and I can't wait til I have more than a day off so that I can scrub my house and put them all in their place and play!  I'll spare you the less exciting stuff, but my favorites are my Chromebook, from my AMAZING husband to be, my yo-nanas machine from my parents, and my fancy smancy Kitchen Aid mixer from my grandparents.  I also got a Magic Bullet, all the seasons of Big Bang Theory and Gilmore Girls, and just lots of really great stuff!! I am a VERY blessed girl.

Now, on to the ugly truth of this post.  Short and not so sweet..... I've gained 6lbs since October.  I've made countless excuses and justifications for my laziness and poor eating, but the truth is just that.  I have been lazy and eating like shit.  NO MORE!!  I have worked too hard and have so much further to go to just give it all up.  As of yesterday, I am back!

THE PLAN:  I'm going back to where it all began, MFP and being more active in the social outlets that kept me going strong in the first 5 months of my journey.  I also will be jumping back into my running and reuniting with my best frenemy Jillian,  and am hoping to score a gym membership in the next couple months after I do some shopping around.  As far as eating goes, I plan to clean it up, once I go grocery shopping again and maybe even throw in some of those low carb challenges I am seeing so much of.  I'll be keeping accountable by posting food pics on Instagram and hopefully trying some new recipes to keep it fun.  And of course, I will be drinking water like like it is my JOB!

My biggest motivator is probably going to be the Operation Red Bikini challenge being hosted by Kassie and Leigh Ann, go HERE for details!  It is an amazing contest and there are going to be PRIZES!!  What is more fun than winning right?!?

My "red bikini" is to be a size 10 by May 31st.  I am currently wearing a 16, so it's going to be tough, but I know if I bust ass, I can make it happen!  I'll be keeping you posted on my progress here and on Instagram and maybe even on Keek.  I'll have some starting photos up next week and maybe even my before picture in case some of you have missed it.

Finally, a big HEY Y'ALL to all my new readers!!  I saw that I finally reached 50, which is about 50 more than I ever expected to have, so thank you, I am beyond flattered.  I promise to try and keep it fun for you guys.

I'm off to bed so I can partake in another night of my fun filled job!  Happy Friday, Hookers!  Since I have no pictures to entertain you, I will leave you with a video I saw over the holidays, and as a girl from the same town as Antione Dodson's Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife, I can show you this without feeling bad.  Enjoy

And if you aren't familiar with my hometown celebrity

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I survived all 3 nights of work, even though last night cut it pretty effin close... between not sleeping well all week, heightened security thanks to a recent shooting at another local hospital, an EXTREMELY anxiety riddled patient with an even more anxiety riddled family, doctors who don't want to give medications for said extreme anxiety, and shit river I had used up what tiny bit of patience I have and taken several years off my life.   I was ready to get the EFF out that place and home to my mommy so I can be a princess all week.  After waiting for the barista to finish flirting with the guy ahead of me and make my damn skinny peppermint mocha., spending $50 on a tank of gas and keeking with all my 12 hour smeared eye makeup glory (check it out, you'll feel great about yourself afterwards)  I was on my way! Just an hour and a half drive including a  40 minute conversation with my future mother in law..... she talked, I mostly listened and got cut off anytime I tried to speak, I finally made it home!!  I love coming home!  For the most part, living away from my family isn't too hard.... it isn't a bad drive and my schedule allows me to visit fairly often, but Christmas is special!  I haven't been able to part with any traditions with my family which basically means a balls all out week, but I'm going to love every second of it!!
First world problems I have and all... NOT

So, if you don't already read Kassie's blog, it's a MUST!  She, along with Elle Noel (another must) has put together Operation Red Binki. Go here and check it out, these fellow southern girls totally have there ish in order!  It's a great challenge and I am totally doing it, even though it will be December 26th before I go hardcore.... and I mean HARDCORE, there are  prizes on the line here!

The MOST important prize of all
This week I am just focusing on maintaining  and ramping up my motivation, that seems to be slipping over the month, I have no will power at the moment. Not that I plan on reverting back to complete fat girl status over the holiday week, I just know that by expecting a loss this week, I would just be setting myself up for a disappointment.  To be perfectly honest, this makes me feel terrible about myself, but I'm going to try my best not to let it get me down and take this time to re-evaluate my plan and rediscover what I've been missing since I hit the 50 lb mark.  Not to worry, it's hard to keep this control freak over acheiver girl down for long, especially after seeing my newly thin sister- who still lives at home and has my mom to buy her all healthy groceries and cook for her every night and doesn't have anything to do besides exercise- prance around in her new size 12s and plethora of new Victoria's Secret panties.... no, I'm not jealous/bitter at all.  All, kidding aside, I am so happy for my sister, she has worked hard and after seeing her be big all her life it's nice to see her actually enjoy trying on clothes and getting all prettied up.... I'm sure I'll do a post on her sometime soon, she is one special chica!   I'm going to be back on the trail getting my run on before the new year.... more on my new fitness plans to come :)
 I need to tell myself this everyday, because it's TRUE!

I'm going to do my best to check in over the week, but I will for sure be blowing up instagram and (hopefully) Keek so you can find me there if you miss me too much!  You can find me @jennlynn426 on both sites, I'd love more attention.... only oldest child syndrome anyone???  Hope everyone is having an AMAZING week!!!

I may have a slight problem with this... I just love my blog ladies SO much that I need to know every bite of food you take, outfit you try on, new move you try at the gym, and silly thing your kid does!  I can't help it :)

Yea, I have been totally lazy with the pictures lately, probably because I have been totally lazy with the make up and hair brush lately and have reverted back to my sweat pants.... hmmm any relation to my crap eating and lack of exercise perhaps?!? 
SERIOUSLY?!?!? Bitch, put the Icee down... why am I so excited?
Tutu and shirt I made for Ryan's little cousin!
Story of my life right now... if only dogs could wear tutus :-/

Monday, December 17, 2012

MIA Pity Party

It's MONDAY!!  I know ya'll are all kinds of exctied to get back to your work week.... not!  Yesterday was my Monday, so at least I have that going for me.

So I have been mostly MIA from the social media world for the past 2 weeks, and it's been kind of a downer.  I didn't realize what an attention whore I really am....  so thanks for feeding my need, folks!  So here's a run down of my life recently, because I'm sure you've all been dying to know where I've been ( just humor the attention whore here).  I'll try to keep this pity party update brief so I can get back to my usual ass kicking.

A couple weeks ago I started to feel awful... fever, aches, cough, chest pains any time I took a breath, being exhausted just from getting up to pee... all the delights.  I pounded OJ like it was my JOB thinking I could stop what was coming... I was oh so wrong.  So I was down for over a week with that junk.... even though I never missed a day of work because I didn't want to miss my overtime shift....... which got cancelled anyways, thanks hospital!  After that I was so behind on everything that I have been playing catch up ever since in between my crappy work pattern for the past 2 weeks and trying to get everything ready for my trip home for Christmas week so that I can I can go balls to the wall some more. 

I love me some Christmas time, but it is ALWAYS hectic in the prep work phase.  I have had several craft gift projects... pictures to come eventually, shopping for both families, wrapping, cleaning, laundry, and packing...  So in order to cram this all in after being sick for a week some things got tossed to the side... ie exercising and eating right.  Luckily, after days of taco bell, pizza, little debbies, soda, ICEEs (my new favorite treat),  Christmas cookies, sandwiches, and zero exercise I have managed to only pack on 3 lbs.  I would like to think that I am going to get back on track today and eat well throughout the holiday week, I know that is probably a lie.  I'll probably indulge in more than my fair share of fat kid goodness while I'm at home, but I'm going to try my best and  make sure I find the time to exercise and starting December 27th, it's back on in full force!  I honestly miss my routines and can't wait to get back into them.

I have attained official broke girl status after taking both dogs to the vet for shots and various issues.  Over the last week, Brick started crying anytime he jumped up on the bed and he hasn't been running full out... we knew something was wrong when Ali beat him to the ball so we got his leg checked out and he has a partial tear of a tendon in his knee :(  Luckily we caught it pretty early on and as long as we can keep him fairly calm for a few weeks, he may heal and we can dodge what I"m sure would be a multi-trillion dollar surgery.  So wish me luck on keeping my 2 year old German Shepherd still, he's already going nuts.  Ali is being treated for a dimidex outbreak... which is some sort of genetic skin issue, and an ear infection.  She has always been our sickly little critter, so no shock there.  An hour and a half, a small pharmacy, and $215 later I am hopefully on my way to healthy babies again.  I may have had a minor melt down..... I mean why does everything choose to happen right at Christmas time AFTER I have already spent all my money on gifts?!

In other news, I am a sheep so I followed the crowd and got me a Keek account, and after about an hour I figured out how to post a video! I'm obsessed, I love getting to see and hear people talk about random stuff!  So now you guys can catch my social awkwardness in all it's glory.  I plan to become just as addicted to that as I am to reading blogs, and posting pictures of my every activity on Instagram.  You can find me there at jennlynn426.  Let me know your user names too so that I can get into full on stalker lady mode!

Okay, that is enough moping!!  I hope y'all have a happy week before Christmas!!  I promise to be back in cool kid action ASAP!  I have missed it too much!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Motivational Mondays!

Hey Sassy ladies!!

I hope y'all had a great weekend to kick off the official best month of the year!!  I spent it at work YAY contracting some sort of death virus which seems to have planted itself in my lungs and closed up my throat so I am bundled up in the bed, germing up my fresh sheets watching Hallmark's countdown to Christmas while pouring hot liquids down my throat AND doing laundry.  Why not just run to the doc in the box down the road and get one of those magic shots in your ass so that you are better by dinner, you ask?  Because I am a nurse and we don't roll like that for some reason... I will go to the doctor just in time to not have to be put on the "breathin machine" as many like to call it.  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow, because I have a holiday party to attend... which is a fancy way of saying that a few girlfriends are getting together to watch Elf, order pizza, and decorate cookies.  Yep, I live the wild life.

My motivation this week is that I am getting back into it!  The scale is starting to move again, I am eating better, exercising more, and feeling better!  I really wanted to jump in on the squatting thing and plankmas, but now that I am infested with the plague I will be playing some major catch up!  I have my second 5k coming up in a couple weeks and I am sooooo excited.   I don't really have any hard goals for it, other than to run it.  It is at 7am so I know it is going to be balls cold outside so maybe that will make me go faster... who knows.  Jillian has been kicking my ass most of the week, and I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.  I am feeling the effects so I guess I'll take the torture.

Don't forget to sign up for Secret Santa Swap!!  Today is the last day to email me with your info!!  Name, address, what makes Christmas special to you, and a little blurb about yourself to give your Santa a start!!  Names will be drawn tomorrow and you will have their info by the end of the week!!!

Now, here's a little bit of Sassy Pants for ya..... It really grills my bun that people feel the need to be overly PC during this time of year.  I am a big fan expressing my holiday joy to all I see, it's the south, that's what we do, but I hate being told that I shouldn't say Merry Christmas for worry of offending someone.  I mean if someone walked up to me and said Happy Hanukkah I would smile and not be the least bit offended by that.  So why is it that the word Christmas OFFENDS people, yet all the other garbage that is out in the world is okay?  I'm not saying that Christmas should be forced upon everyone, but why can't we all just express our own holiday greetings without fear of if someone will take it the wrong way.... aren't they all positive celebrations in their respective cultures  or am I underhandedly kicking somebody's dog by telling them Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays??

So, I've been seeing people's "Elf on the Shelf" schemes all on Facebook and Instagram and having mixed feelings.  One the one hand it is kinda creepy looking and I think the concept of a living doll running around the house at night would have been a little Chucky-esque for my tastes as a child on top of me having to clean up after the little hell raiser PLUS why does Santa need to send an elf to your house to keep tabs on you when he's already got that covered on his own?  On the other hand I'm in LOVE!!!  So much so that I asked Ryan if I went and bought one if he would do it for me every night and he said YES!!!!!!!  So I need to figure out if he was for reals or not, because I just may be driving my sick ass up to Target to get me my Chloe or Phil!! Yes, I've already named it.
Creepily adorable, right?!?!?

Happy Monday!!!