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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Wow..... I am probably the most boring 25 year old in the history of 25 year olds!  I'm at that awkward life stage I guess where I don't have the mini me(s)  yet but I'm not the wild and crazy single gal either since being wild and crazy often requires money.... BOO.  I have been thinking all day of something to write for you guys today and I got nothing.  So here is what I can scrape up for you awesome peeps as a blog post... sorry if I put you to sleep while sitting at the computer.

So, my fiance and I relocated to our current city about 6 months ago and we did it pretty big... we bit the bullet and bought a house, therefore committing to this city for 5-7 years???  Well I have finally decided that it is time we develop a social circle here rather than driving the 2 hours back home to see our "home friends".  I started by joining in on a group of girls at work that host dinners at their homes each month and it rotates... I'm not gonna lie, this chic is pretty excited and I can't wait to choose my month and start planning to show off my mad skills....  I also went to the movies with this group on Sunday, we saw Pitch Perfect and it was GREAT!  I think everyone should go see it. Think Bring It On, but for singing!  AND I saw previews for The Host (Stephanie Meyer's book that is a thousand times better than Twilight could ever be) and the new Le Miserables!!  I basically only go to the movies to see the previews so I elated!

I have spent the last 2 days sorting through my garage gathering up things for a yard sale that I am planning for this Saturday.  I have never really been a big yard sale person.... I feel kind of weird assuming that people are going to want to buy my old junk that I no longer deem good enough for my princess ass, but when Ryan said he was going to throw all my treasures shit away, I went into hoarder mode and decided that the only way I could part with the garbage is to sell it.  So wish my luck on my first yard sale...  I kind of have a feeling it's just going to be me sitting in my front yard at 7am with piles of shit that will be taken to good will by 10, despite my dreams of people flocking to buy my circa 2004 Abercrombie and American Eagle gear for prices I want.

On a fitness note... I think today I officially became a Jillian drop out.  I just hate doing her workouts, and not in the way where I hate it until I get started and then I'm so pumped I wanna shove my tongue in her mouth.  I truly dread every second of it.  Between working nights and that my shifts are always in a row, I feel like in order to commit to doing Jillian every day, I have to give up some of my runs.... which I LOVE!  So I think I'm going to only do 30DS on work mornings since they are only 20 minutes, but when I'm off it's just me, my Nikes, and the running trail!  I am consistently able to run a complete 5k, and today I did it in under 40 minutes (woot woot).   So now it's time for a new goal, and I am feeling more and more ready for my first 5k next weekend!!

I'll catch you guys next time with my weekly weigh in and hopefully something that doesn't bore you to tears!

Love, Jenn!


  1. Yayy for the new social circle, you could always try eBay for your stuff (that's what I've been doing lately), and eff Jillian... I hate her, SO much!!

  2. I've never moved away and I still need to find a new social circle! Good for you for meeting new people!

    I don't blame you on Jillian. If you enjoy the running stick with it! Her workouts are still effective if you don't do them every day.

    PS I'm jealous of your 5k consistency!