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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallo-Weigh Day Wednesday


Even though I won't be doing anything special to celebrate tonight....I'll probably be sitting on the couch watching American Horror Story since that's about as scary as I can handle and we live on an unlit street with exactly 1 other house on I doubt any parents will be sending their goblins my way.... I love Halloween!  I love seeing the kids all dressed up and getting to give them insane amounts of sugar and turning them loose on their parents... I'm sure I will get my payback someday.  I always want to get into the spirit, thinking that this is the year I try a haunted something or another again after peeing my pants in a haunted corn maze a few years back.... for real or I think I can handle watching scary movies and then sleep with the lights on for days.  And then my motivation fizzles by the week of....  I've come to realize my main excitment of Halloween is that this is the beginning of the homestretch to the best time of the year..... CHRISTMAS!!!

In honor of the spirit of the day and oversharing, I figured I would divulge my biggest Halloween memory, don't worry it's not that scary.....  On a special Halloween night in high school, my boyfriend took me on one of the best dates ever, a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at a local theatre... let's just say I was in LOVE!!  The costumes, the inappropirate-ness and sleeze, the music, the screaming and throwing things at the screen.... it was amazing!!  I loved every second of it... so much so, that I returned the favor with the one thing I really had to offer a boy.... YEP, I gave it up in exchange for the Sweet Transvestite from Sensational Transylvania... totally worth it!  To this day, I still love Rocky Horror and would love to get all slutted up and participate in a show!  Maybe next year.  I watch it every year and laugh about the memory.   I will always be grateful that getting dirty got better to him for exposing me to such trash.... even though he eventually decided that smoking pot was cooler than dating me.... I guess I was lacking my mad skills back then.
I mean, how could you not love an transvestite making his own sex slave and corrupting sweet Susan Surandon all with alien side kicks?!?  

plus check out those bad ass legs!!

Moving on to weighing in.  This was the week I promised myself I would hit the official 50lb mark.... instead, I seem to have hit a plateau.  I first weighed in up 1lb and was ready to make some pancakes pissed... so I waited about 30 minutes and tried again, there had to be a serious 3lb mistake on the scales part. The re-do had me at the exact same weight as last week... I can't be too mad, it was my fault.  I did pretty good on my eating and still need to up the water, but I have gotten lazy with my workouts.  I still haven't gotten back into Jillian, but today it is on..... that bitch gets results. Plus, I have to get regular about my runs again, even if they are short ones.  So hopefully next week will be better. 

Tomorrow, I have a small bit of exciting-ness to share with you guys so be sure to check in!  

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!!


  1. I'm with you on what Halloween means! Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays!

  2. I love that you love RHPS! :) I would bitch slap a baby for his sweet ass legs.