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Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fun-Day.... or just a regular day

YAY IT'S FRIDAY!!  Which for you regularly scheduled working folks, means PART-AY!!  For me, it's usually just another day, but this Friday is PAY DAY!!!!  So I get to make the house payment and do a very small amount of shopping for vital supplies!!  We are trying to get on a stricter (more strict??) budget, which means less fun mindless spending, and more saving.... weddings are EXPENSIVE y'all, even not very big ones, like ours!!  Plus with Christmas just around the corner, every dollar counts!!

So, basically, this is just my random thought dumping for the day... enjoy!!

This weekend I am working on my "get social" goal and hosting what was going to be a dinner... Thanks Alabama homecoming, at my house.  It's going to be fun!  A few girls from work are coming over and I am making tacos and we are going to carve pumpkins and maybe watch a Halloween movie.  I'm even going to make a few Halloween treats that I saw on Pinterest to show how domestic I am!!  So, wish me luck on not running of my attempt at new friends with my potty mouth, jumping dogs, and getting day wasted while hyped on SUGAR while quoting Honey Boo Boo and Mean Girls.... good times to be had!

Today I signed up for Pile On The Miles with my new best friend and blogging mentor, Keyona @ Skinny and Delicious ( I know if y'all read my blog you already read hers because she is that freakin cool).  Basically, you set a goal for yourself to run X amount of miles in November and you track it each week.  There are awesome drawings that you will be entered in and a great way to stay off those holiday pounds!  So check it out!  Registration goes through October 31st!!

My dad has returned my 30 Shred DVD that I had conveniently lost at their house last weekend, and even remembered to bring my weights back too... which means no more excuses, I have to make 20 minutes for that bitch today.  I just have to remember the results I am getting, but I still hate her sooo much.

Well, I guess I better get back to taking care of my ill ass kinda sick fiance... poor,wing.  You'd think being a nurse I would be better at taking care of loved ones when they don't feel good, but I'm just not.

Happy Friday you guys!!  I hope y'all have exciting weekends!!

~ love, jenn

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the Pile on the Miles! I'm definitely going to have to join!