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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIW & Cleanse Results + Updated Goals


It's Wednesday!!!  Which for many of you means you are halfway through your work week.... today is my Monday.... BOO, but since I only have a 2 day work week this week, it is also my Thursday.. WOOP!

There is a lot to touch on today, so let's get in it!

Yesterday I finished the Advocare 10 day cleanse.  I have never done a cleanse before, but I liked this one a lot.  I never felt bad during it, and acheived everything I expected with it.  I had started craving junk food again, which I hadn't in a while, and was majorly slacking in the cooking at home department.... we would eat out several nights a week.  I was feeling like I did in the beginning of the journey.  I wanted to eat right, but I just couldn't kick the bad habits.  NO MORE.  After following the cleanse, I don't crave garbage, BIG WIN!  I also don't feel like I'm starving all the time.  I don't know that I have way more energy than I did before, but I feel great so what is there to complain about.  The evil fiber drink??  I was nervous about it after reading what people had to say about it, but I used the peaches and cream flavor, and it wasn't bad at all. I did not have to stay in a 10 foot radius of my toilet.  It really is a gentle cleanser, and I only went once each day.... maybe twice a couple of days, so nothing to be scared of.  Like I said yesterday, if you want to try this cleanse, I know a great girl that sells the stuff and I can put you in touch!
peaches n' cream all the way!  just make sure to fully dissolve it, no one likes chunks in their junk
Now for what you all care about...... I lost 9lbs in 10 days!  Majorly excited there!  I had been moving up and down with the same 3 lbs for a while now so I feel like I have broken through a plateau and it has given me so much motivation!!  I will say that the clean eating was a big factor, as well as, cutting the carbs (I didn't eat any rice or bread) and dairy (the only dairy I had was 1/2 cup of 1% milk when I made my protein shakes).  I plan on keeping my eating almost as clean as on the cleanse, I will incorporate some rice back in and the occasional bread.  I am also going to say, that some of the weight I lost was probably muscle, which I am NOT happy about.  I haven't worked out in 2 weeks or more, mostly due to whatever disease has decided to colonize in my lungs, but that is about to end and I am kicking the gym into high gear again!

As far as updating my goals, my next mini goal is withing reach... ONE-DERLAND!!  I have 10 more pounds to go and I will get there by my birthday, April 26th.  I also bought a dress to wear in a wedding in May that is a size too small, so that dress will fit!!!  And engagement pictures are May 11th, so I have those outfits to rock in the next couple of months!
my old scale died so I got this new PINK one!  I am obviously scraping for photo material

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!  I may not be back til Monday, due to work and getting ready for our trip home this weekend to attend Ryan's best friends wedding.  I am totally excited/nervous to see our friends... I haven't seen a lot of them since starting this journey 63lbs ago!  I will say, I am super excited to eat me some wedding cake though!!!  What? It's rude not to!
 My Jessica Simpson dress that I am wearing this weekend!  My first designer dress, I was too fat for most labels :)

Instagram repeat, but I am trying to find a semi nice way to pull my hair bad for this wedding, plus I got new highlights last week :)


  1. Great Cleanse results! I want to do one, just isn't in the budget right now :-(

    Love the dress, you're gonna look great!

  2. Love your scale! && I am so close to doing the 10 day cleanse.

  3. That is so awesome! Congrats! And I think you pushed me over the edge to finally do the cleanse.

  4. Yay!!! I loved the cleanse too. I cant believe you tried peaches n cream on that nastiness.

    I bow to you!

    You did great!

  5. You got some amazing results from the cleanse! I did it last summer, and didn't get anywhere near that, nor did I like it very much. Oh well. You live and you learn and not everything works for everybody. But you obviously rocked it! Good for you girl! Visiting today from the WIW link up :)

  6. Awesome job girlfriend!! :) :) :) you inspire me so much!! :)

  7. Great job on the cleanse!! I lost 6 lbs & sadly have already gained 2 back so I'm going to focus more on clean eating as a way of life now.