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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dog Food :)

First, I want to start this post off with big news that I meant to post last week, but I never got around to posting it....  I finally signed up for my first 5k!!  It will be the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run on October 20th supporting breast cancer.  I am sooo excited/nervous/terrified about it.... I KNOW I can do it and that alone feels AMAZING!  My biggest fear is that is a no headphones run... WTF?!?!?

Anywhosers...  I have never been one to ask for money for ANYTHING, and had not planned on even trying to raise money aside from my donation for the entry fee, but then I figured why not?  Worst case is that no one donates and I am no worse off than if I didn't ask, and every bit helps... so below is the link to my personal donation page. Give as little or as much as you'd like, and know that I am so grateful for anything that you can give.

Also, if you have been touched by breast cancer, leave me a comment telling me the name of your loved one and a little about their journey.  I would love to know a little about some of the women that I am running for and also, to keep my motivated to continue running..... since Flo-Rida has been banned.

this is basically how I roll

So today was the day I decided that I no longer need the c25k app while I run.  It cuts off more often than it works and I am to the point where I just run for 28 minutes anyways.  Basically, my inner over achiever gets pissed off because I can't get that green check mark!  So this morning I took off with Nike Run ( LOVES it!) and Pandora with a goal of just to run until I couldn't anymore... or 28 minutes whichever happens first last.  1 mile in Nike informs me that I have completed a mile in 12:30 and I felt like a rockstar.  When I got to 2 miles I decided to run back to my car and be proud.  Well when I got to my car I decided that I might as well go to 3 miles, I had to be close... so despite being nearly dead, I kept going

I RAN 3.15 MILES.... a 5k!  This girl, who in August, could barely run for 90 seconds, just ran a 5k!!!  There were definitely tears shed as I dragged my jello jigglers back to the car!  I was so proud of myself,  my new goal is a 5k in under 40 minutes!  We shall see :)  So, keep on truckin' skanks... if this girl can do it, so can YOU!

And finally, the whole reason behind the mysterious dog food title.  Last week my fiance was forced to go into the seventh gate of Hell Walmart because our precious babies were out of food.  The next morning when I got home, Ryan tells me that he was thinking (sometimes a scary thing)  and that when he picked up the 46lb bag of dog food, he remembered that was how much weight I've lost.  So "Wing, you've lost a big ass bag of dog food" (Wing is our pet name... I'm sure I'll cover that later) was his supportive comment for the day.  Which was AMAZING once i looked at the dog food bag and containers.  I'm a visual person and since I haven't really been able to notice in the mirror this sight FLOORED me

yes that is a Christmas mat, and YES that is a case of wine, wanna be friends?                                                                                 

                                                          she tucks herself in like that
this is my shadow.... i apparently gave birth to him

So, there you have it.  I have lost enough weight to feed a German Shepherd and a Golden Mutt for about 2 weeks.

More excitement to come I'm sure.
Until then, love,
 Jenn :)


  1. WAY TO GO on running a 5k! :) And thank you so much on adding my mom to your list of who to run for.

  2. I am SO proud of you for your run tonight... that is freaking amazing, YOU are freaking amazing!!

    My step-mom is a breast cancer survivor. She has always been healthy, fit, eats healthy, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, etc. and she bent over one day and found a large lump underneath her breast/right above her ribs. She's a nurse so she knew right away. Treatment was hell, but she made it through! Thank you for doing your part to help the battle!

    That is incredible to realize you've lost that much weight... GO YOU! And nice that your hubby made that connection... he sounds very supportive!

  3. Way to push yourself! Congratulations on the run! And the bag of dog food, LOL!