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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What the ISH BISH

Once again... I am the laziest Blogger of the Universe.  I just can't seem to get my shit together to write a post.  I honestly blame Blair Waldorf.  I can't stop watching Gossip Girl to save my life, and have had to quit cold turkey.  I haven't watched in over a week, and I'm dying on the inside.  Plus, I have been a little on the busy side... no real excuse, but I'm going with it.

So here's what you've missed over in my little corner of the world.

I have officially applied to grad school!!  After a very painful personal essay that required evidence based literature to support my discussion on why it is important for nurses to have a master's degree, I am crossing my fingers that I did not waste $45.  I mean come on... we all know that they answer to why I want a Master's Degree is because the hospital will pay for it, it will nearly double my current salary, and most importantly, I will never have to wipe someone's ass again.  So accept me because I'm a bad ass, Sincerely Jenn.

Today completes my 10 day Advocare cleanse.  All in all, it did exactly what I hoped it would do.  I got a boost in my weight loss (more to come tommorrow with WIW.... yes, I will actually post again) and kicked my cravings for the junk food that I was starting to battle again since I've been eating so shitty lately.  Do I feel better and back on track? Yep.  Do I feel like a brand new human being with a new lease on life? No.    Will I do it again? Definitely.  If there is anyone left under the sun who has not tried this, and is interested, hit me up.  I know an AMAZING gal who sells this stuff and I would be happy to get you in touch and answer any questions you may have.  And have no fear about shitting your pants in public.... it only happens the first day.  I kid, I kid.

I have made a little progress in the wedding planning front.  Our invites arrived in the mail and I got our music list together with our violinist yesterday.  I was really nervous about selecting music, because I had no clue where to start, but it went fantastical!  We were able to come up with some great song choices that are way outside the box and perfect!  She even said that I am her favorite bride she's worked with in a while.... BAM!

I have also been sickly these past couple of weeks which has not worked out well for the gym life, but now that I can breathe out of both nostrils and my chest doesn't rattle with each inhale I will be back to murdering fat tonight.  And I am happy to say that the fiance will be joining me after stepping on our new pink scale and  listening to me make his belly button talk in a red neck voice.... maybe you had to be there for that one.

So, thanks for hanging with my through my multiple absences.  I am hoping to be back for good, I love reading your blogs and love all of my followers.  I don't really have any great pictures to share with you today, so I'll just leave you with this.
I died a little once I realized that the picture wasn't what I had hoped

I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Your Welcome!  Come back tomorrow for WIW to talk about my cleanse results and re-vamped plans

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  1. Yay! You're back! Can't wait to hear about your cleanse!