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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Case of the Mondays

I definitely had the Mondays today, and I didn't even have to be at work today.  I did, however, have to get my grumpy bear out of bed this morning.  Along with Ryan's new job, comes the responsibility of having to open the store during the week at 6:30 am, and he is definitely NOT a morning person,  which means at our house alarm clocks start going off at 5:30.  We have a real alarm set to play awful 50s music, his phone, and my phone all going off every 5-10 minutes until he finally gets up with just enough time to shower, brush his teeth, throw on some clothes, and rush out the door.  Luckily we maybe live 5 minutes from the store.  Throw into the mix that neither one of us are particularly chipper in the mornings and top it with the first cold morning of the year ( it was 39 when he left)  and my love for open windows and you have a very ill morning.

Needless to say, my day didn't get off to a great start.  Instead of staying up and starting on my list of stuff that I had planned, I grabbed the dogs and had a snuggle fest in the bed, under the sheets, where they are not supposed to be and went back to sleep til oh about 10:30... fine 11:30.  So I had already wasted half of my day before it even got started.... BOO!  Luckily, I have snapped out of it.  It's a nice and chilly beautiful fall day, I'm trying out a new recipe that I stole from a friend, started my 10k training, and will catch up on housework eventually.  I even convinced myself that I am still on board for marriage!!!

 I kid, I have never doubted my engagement for one second, despite cranky mornings.

So I had a great weekend!!  I have talked before about wanting to create a new social circle in our new town since we plan on staying here for a while, so Saturday, I hosted my first dinner party!  Once I realized everyone just couldn't find my house and hadn't stood me up, it was so much fun!  We had a taco night, I made Halloween treats, and we carved pumpkins while gossiping about the people at work not cool enough to get invited, very high school, but true.  I had such a great time and I can't wait to do it again.

our pumpkins!! well minus 1, one girl was a little too advanced to put ours beside hers

TREATS!! Chocolate dipped apples, oreo truffles, and vampire bites! Thanks Pinterest
 This is how Ali treats new guests, everyone is forced to love her

So, after definitely eating too many of those yummy treats, today was the day I get back into serious weight loss mode.  I think that I let myself get lax because I have come so far and I do look and feel so much better, but then I remember that I still have even further to go!!!  I have tracked everything in MFP, and plan to keep up with my workouts even if I'm lazy!

I started my 10k training today.  I'm using the Hal Higdon plan rather than an app on my phone... just for shits and giggles, no real reason.  Today was supposed to be a stretch and strength day, but because I had already gotten excited about running today..... for reals, kinda sad, but true.... and I still can't bring myself to face Jillian again, I swapped it up.  The wild and crazy rebel I am did tomorrow's run today, and I will do my Jillian time tomorrow.  So how was my run?  Different.... it was only about 50 degrees out which is about 20 cooler than when I normally run which meant I had to get used to a couple of things, namely running in more clothes and breathing in chilly air.  But I loved it!!!  There were some times where I was hot and wanted to strip off my long sleeves, but then the wind would pick up and I would be freezing.  I even decided to push an extra half mile and ran 3 miles instead of 2.5.  I always feel amazing after I run, I'm not sure that it is that elusive runner's high yet, but I just feel great and I'm off to tackle the world... or at least laundry mountain.
almost home!  the trees are starting to get pretty!
tried on bridesmaid dresses for a friend, this one is a 16!!!!

I hope y'all had a great weekend!!


  1. A dinner party sounds fun! And I am glad you didn't get stood up. ;)

  2. Your party sounds like fun!
    I'm not a morning person either, I'm just quiet, The hubbs on the other hand is awake for 5 minutes and all singing and dancing. Drives me nuts!