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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back to Business

Today is a sad day...  I have to go back to work tonight after having 8 glorious days all to myself.  The first night back is always the worst.  I can never sleep the way I want to and end up dragging ass halfway through the night.  Plus, most of the patients have changed so dibs on the "good" patients or at least the ones I know anything about are gone, and I have to work my Saturday night for the month.  But like Ryan so snarkily points out, it's just for 3 nights, then I get to be off again, so I guess I will be putting on my big girl panties and heading off to adult-land.

On a more pleasant note, it is officially November!!  In my family, that basically means the beginning of Christmas... Thanksgiving is usually just glossed over.  My mom is an event planner and her hotel always has a big Thanksgiving thing so that people who are too lazy to cook for their own family, can enjoy a buffet for $30 per person. Therefore, my mom never gets to spend it with her family.  I actually don't mind it really.  I don't come from a huge family full of second and third cousins, great aunts and uncles twice removed, and that wierdo (fill in the blank) who everyone tries to avoid, so we do see each other fairly regularly throughout the year.  Plus, I have to work a major holiday every year so I always try to work Thanksgiving.  We have big pot luck dinners and it's like a whole other family dinner.  I am really excited this year that I have the entire week before Thanksgiving off so I will be able to enjoy an early dinner with my family, and maybe start a new tradition!!

Today also starts the POTM challenge that I signed up for.  I challenged myself to run 50 miles this month which is going to mean absolutely no slacking!!  Today I ran 2.5 miles which means I only have 52.5 to go!  I am super excited about this and I know I can do it!!!

And the "exciting news" I have for you guys today... may have been a bit of an overstatement, but I'm pretty pumped about it.  My friend Keyona and I have decided to start a little something called Motivational Mondays.  Basically each Monday we want to post about what is motivating us through that week.  Working towards a goal is always a little easier if you keep the reasons why you are doing it at the front of your mind. Plus, I love seeing what keeps others going, and they always manage to inspire me.  So join us in sharing what gets you excited each week.  It can be ANYTHING,  an event, outfit, vacation, quotes, WHATEVER gets your heart racing each week, and does not have to be weight loss related either!!  I think it's going to be a blast, plus a great way to get to know each other a little bit better!

like this outfit

or this, which just makes me smile


  1. I have been doing Motivational Mondays on my blog for a few weeks now! It's a great idea!!

  2. Love that girls outfit - esp the scarf! I am a sucker for anything animal print!!!! See....we meant to be BFFs...we did agree to that, didn't we? I LOVE the Motivational Mondays thing I think I just might have to join in next Monday! Yay! :)