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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday.... Round 3 or 4?

Hey my loves!

So, I have been fairly absent from social media this week.  I have been on my 8 days off from work so I have just been bumming around really.  I worked an overtime shift on Saturday.... HOLLA for a DOLLA!  I finally got my Christmas decorations down, hopefully they make it to the attic today, and spent way too much time with Netfilx.  I am loving me some Netflix..... we may have to cancel it.  We got it a few weeks ago and I have plopped down in front of it every chance I could get!  This week it has been Parenthood, and I LOVE it!!  I'm assuming it is somewhat based off of the Steve Martin movie also called Parenthood, which is an all time favorite of mine.  Please tell me I'm not the only person who has seen it...... in my real life I am, so I feel slightly uncool.


So, in Wednesday tradition I weighed in this morning.... womp womp!  It's not all bad, really.  I am down .6 lbs from my last loss.  I was super bummed at first, because I was kind of expecting better.  But then I thought about the good stuff that happened this week fitness wise.  I ran 3 times this week, which hasn't happened in a while!  Not only did I run, but I PR'd my 5k in back to back runs!  I still run super slow {11.30-12 minute milles}, but keep in mind how much extra I am lugging around, so I don't expect myself to be cranking out the 10 minute miles YET.
I uses Nike Run to track my runs, and I love it!

I also got MUCH better with my eating.  I made out a dinner plan for the week, and wrote down options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks then took my list to the grocery store and bought only those items.... our house is officially 90% clean... there really isn't any junk here to shove in my face... BIG WIN!  And I haven't been having huge junk cravings... not that I wouldn't love to plow into some kind of junky fatty deliciousness, but it hasn't been constantly on my mind.
 I tried making spaghetti squash for the first time... not with alfredo.  I'll try again with regular sauce though

LOVE these little egg muffins!  So easy, and fantastic to have yummy breakfast for a few days with no prep!

And yesterday, I JOINED A GYM!!!! My neighbor, aka my husband, and I have been talking about getting a membership together for a while now.  We checked one out a couple weeks ago that was no bueno for me... classes were $30 a week on top of the membership itself!  So last night we checked out one that is a little farther away (5 miles maybe) and it was great!  So great that his fiance wanted to join and I threw Ryan's name on my membership!!  Not as cheap as the original plan, but what can you do!  They have all the equipment you could need ( I won't use the machines, thanks to my time with Crossfit, I don't know how to or like to use them) a free weight area, a women's only circuit room, and virtual classes!!!  I wasn't too keen on the virtual classes when he mentioned them, since 85% of my problem with the Shred is that I get bored with the DVD, but once he showed me how it worked I was in love!  They have a classroom with a huge projection screen and the computer lets you pick from tons of classes... any class that you would be able to get with a live instructor.... EVEN SPIN!!! We stayed and did some cardio, and I surprisingly didn't want to stab my eyes out on the stair climber, so I think once I have my music with me, I will have no issues!  I am so excited to go tonight!!  WOW.... who would ever thought I would say that!  I won't be giving up my outdoor runs, those are my love, but it'll be nice to have some other options and hopefully a more fun way to get in strength training without seeing Jillian's face!!!

So, there was good this week, and that's why I'm not beating myself up over a small loss.  It's a loss, and that's what matters.  Plus I feel amazing this week and I think I am starting to look better also, and that is always more important that what a little red digital number has to say!

While, overall it was a good week, there was the bad too, and I have to be accountable for that.  First, I didn't log calories into MFP.  I took it at face value that I was eating clean, therefore not going over my calories.... Big mistake.  Looking back over my meals, I'm slightly concerned I wasn't getting ENOUGH calories, which as we all know, slows weight loss also.  Next, I know I didn't drink enough water which is a major player in this game.  And finally, while I did do a few runs, that's about all I did... I slacked majorly on the 30DS I HATE IT!!!! Not so much the actual workouts... they are great workouts, I hate doing the same thing over and over again and bumping into crap in my living room and having 2 dogs under my feet while I do it.... therefore, a huge lack of motivation to do it!

My plan this week?  Fix the mistakes, duh!!!!

 As much as I hate logging recipes and ingredients into MFP, I  have too!!  It drives me nuts guessing how many servings are in something like the chili I am making tonight, but it's just part of the puzzle, so suck it up, buttercup!

DRINK MORE WATER.... always a goal

I'm going to keep up the meal plans, it seemed to work out pretty great.  I always knew what was going to be for dinner and always had meal options for the rest of the day.  Hopefully throwing work into the equation won't mess things up too bad, because unfortunately, Alabama doesn't have a lottery for me to win, and Ryan neglected to tell me he WASN'T RICH before things got too serious.

In the spirit of the meal plans, I am also going to write up a gym schedule.  If it's on a list I have to do it, right?  I freaking love me some lists, so I'm sure this will work out great.

I love my lists!

I also am going to hide the scale.  I am a big cheater, and step on that bitch everyday.  It has to stop.  I end up getting discouraged when it doesn't move or it moves way down and then goes back up (like this week).  So I'm going to put that Ho in the back of my closet, and not get it out til Wednesday.

I'm off to try to shove as much happiness and fun as possible into my last day off!  Happy Hump Day, lovies!


  1. Hey girl heyyy! I love making those egg muffins too... so convenient to just grab and go in the mornings. Yayy for a gym membership too! My water intake slipped off towards the end of the week so that's another goal for this week for me... shocker that we have the same goal, huh?!;)

  2. Yay for a gym membership! I love egg muffins too, I don't know why I don't make them more.

    Loving your positive attitude, keep it up!