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Thursday, January 3, 2013

F-you Sirius XM

So, I really didn't have much of anything to post today... I'm just not feeling all that witty and my excitement consists of laundry, list making, and phone-calls, which brings me to this little rant


Why do I hate something so fantastical, you ask?  Because they aren't giving me my way and they are in the wrong, I think at least..

Christmas of 2011 I got my dad a XM radio adapter and a subscription to Sirius because he had a long commute to work and had been looking into getting one himself.  I went ahead and set up the subscription so that he wouldn't do the dad thing and just end up putting his own credit card info in, behind my back plus then all he had to do was plug in the adapter and he was ready to rock!

Turns out, the easy use adapter that the sales guy pushed on me was not so easy and actually required an installation that was going to cost $100 and require leaving the car there all day...  so my dad just returned the adapter and said to just cancel the membership or transfer it to my car.  I called Sirius to do this, and was told that it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to do either since I had signed up for a year with that device .. that was NEVER activated and we don't even own it!  So, being the passive girl that I used to be, I accepted what I was told by the company and cursed them every time I saw it AUTOMATICALLY draft from my accoubt..... it was only $15 a month....that equaled $180 that's like 1 month of student loan payments, or 2 weeks worth of groceries, or a dent in paying off our furntiture!  WTH is wrong with me?!?!?  Now that I am a year sassier, more confident, and cheaper, I realized that was $200 I just gave a way.. no bueno!

So, today, I call to make sure the membership does not get renewed automatically and inquire about how to get a refund or maybe to get that year free to my own car.  Now, I'm being told there is no record of me even calling in the first place!!!  REALLY?!?!  Because I just wanted to give them the money when I knew there would never be service? Now I am getting the run around about this and that, and while being transferred to a supervisor I was disconnected rather than placed on hold after 33 minutes on the phone.. Now I'm on again with another delightful  non clear english speaking representative telling me that I should have continued to call each month if I was that concerned... REALLY? It's my fault?!?!? I have now been told by a supervisor that they are going to "investigate" my issue and will search for the record of my call A YEAR AGO to try and prove that I actually called.... Yea, I'm never seeing that money again.  Lesson learned.... nice girls don't win.  From now on, I will be a customer service BITCH!  

That was an hour I will never get back that could have been spent finding out who is A running.

Side note:  I am not a tech person, but wouldn't you think a SATELLITE radio company would be able to tell if one of there radios were receiving service or not since they all have radio ID numbers?  What purpose does that number even serve then?  FYI- THEY DON'T KNOW!

I loved XM, when I had it, but GAHHHHH. Maybe I am in the wrong, if I am set me straight, because I am seeing RED  right now!!!

But, in their defense they are refunding me $11 for the rest of this month.... in 5-10 business days.  Yes, that was dripping with the biggest amount of sarcasm I can muster.

So that is my Random Thursday post.... tomorrow will be dedicated to my Operation Red Bikini journey, pics included... bring your barf bags!
 This is for you Sirius... I knew I'd be glad I took this pic someday

This just made me smile... We made Jesus a birthday cake for Christmas Eve and apparently Flava Flav is a wiseman.


  1. I just love you. You crack me up. Flava Flav - all he needs is the big a** clock around his neck.

  2. You are so beautiful, even whilst flipping the bird. I LOVE YOU!