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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

WASSSSSUUUUPPPPP BISHES!!  It's Wednesday, which means 2 things. First, I only have 1 more night of work left this week and then I get 4 glorious days off, and MORE importantly..... it's my first weigh in since seeing that depressing 6lb gain last week. 


I decided to be an attention seeker cool kid and do my first real link up!  I will be joining the amazing Erin and Alex for their Weigh In Wednesday!  Each week I will be linking up to share my weekly progress and a little summary of what I've been doing to meet my goals each week.  I can't wait to see how everyone else is doing... I know we are going to be kicking ass and taking names this year!!

So without further delay....

Because of my awesome work schedule, I had to weigh in on Tuesday since I'll be sleeping while you all are blogging :)  Last Wednesday, I tipped the Sea World worthy scales at a whopping 225.6 {ouch} putting me up 6 lbs.  Today, I am happy to say I am down exactly 3 lbs coming in at 222.6 and I am THRILLED!  It feels so good to see the scale moving again, and makes the withdrawals from Jumbo Jenn status worth it.

Whad did I do?  Well, I cleaned up my eating the best I could with what scraps of groceries we had to get us til the next pay day and big clean grocery trip.  I logged everything into My Fitness Pal {you can find me @ jenla426... HOLLA}and started pounding the water like keg stands... like 100 oz per day.  I couldn't quite get myself hyped up to workout between trying to de-nasty my house... which was a workout in itself, but yesterday I re-commited myself to that bitch we all hate to love, Jillian.  I am a two time 30 Day Shred drop out.. something about level 2 just makes me hate life, I guess.  Not this time... I WILL complete all 30 days... even if it means doing 2 a days when work gets a little 2 crazy {I work out before going to bed after working 12 hour night shifts so it's not always easy to get pumped when I could get that half hour to sleep}.  I started with level 1 again and it KICKED MY ASS!  I was hoping to just get by with 3-5 days on level 1 since I'm a pro at it and have all the dialouge memorized, but I guess we will just see... my thighs are sore!!

I'll update y'all over the next few days with what kind of meal  planning and prep I am doing over the next couple of days... once I go to the grocery store.  I plan on getting in a few runs this week also, I can't wait!  I miss it more that I ever imagined I would.... even though I'm sure it's going to be a train wreck. You can also see what I'm up to on Instagram @jenlynn426.. I post pictures of what I'm eating, exercise, and just a bunch of randomnes... but it's so FUN!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday :) I'm off to spend my 20 minutes with Jillian even though work was a killer.... I actually used the sentence "fine, pull out your catheter and bleed to death through your dick, I don't care anymore"   Yea....... don't worry he was too busy screaming obscenities at me to hear me anyways.


  1. Thanks for linking up with us! You know, I'm glad we are all relatively close on the scale...if there was a 130 pound girl trying to loose 15 pounds...I'd have to slap her face {not that we discriminate} ;) You got this girl, we aren't going to let each other fail!

    Ps-the catheter..let your dick bleed!...I die!!!!

  2. Hahaha, you actually said that to a patient?! That's classic!!!

    Thanks for linking up! I'm so glad to be back on track and sharing in everyone's journey through their blogs. You and I are starting this month like exactly the same weight... so we are totally in this journey together, more so than anyone else I think! My goals for the week are to stick with calorie counting and pounding the water, along with my C25K. I'd tackle Jillian but I'm too friggin' lazy... I hate her and have never made it past level 1!

  3. 3 pounds down is awesome!!! I really want to try 30 days of Jillian, but like Erin - I hate that bitch!

  4. I love the idea of a weekly weigh-in! It's totally motivating and the best way to stay accountable. I look forward to your posts!

  5. I love the weekly weigh-in. I am not going to lie... I have never made it to level two on the shred. It scares me!