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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Friday Randoms

So I titled this post last night at work before shit hit the fan.... LITERALLY and put me in an awful mood, so awful in fact that I don't even remember the fun random things that I was going to tell y'all.  Instead, I'm going to stick with the irony and tell you about the not so fun facts.  Sorry for being a downer today, but I feel it's warranted.

Firstly, when I got to work last night I got TERRIBLE report on my patients... the nurse was just like la dee dahh 3 is a little confused. okay, have a great night!!!  Needless to say, she was not back for me to KILL this morning.   As soon as I walk in my patient's room I can tell he is batshit crazy... 20 minutes later I find a bed pan filled with liquid shit flung across the room.  Not the best start to our relationship.... I can handle most anything the nursing world throws at me... bleeding from the head... awesome!  7 gunshot wounds... I wanna play!  Impaled with a 2x4??  All over it!  Need someone to hold pressure in the carotid artery or you are going to die.... I'm your gal!  If you poop or have a nasty lougie cough.... I'm gonna vomit.  Mix that with screaming and cussing at me calling me every dirty name in the book and refusing to stay in bed despite being tied to it AND being given enough meds to kill a horse and I'm pretty much over you.  And then my poor other patient decides he's had enough at 5 am and we get to do all kinds of crazy stuff to you up until shift change... BLAH!!!  So if anyone has any new career suggestions for me, I'm all ears!!   Not really, I like my job, it is the perfect mix of challenging and getting to be lazy.... last night was just one of those nights.

Secondly, I get a text from my future mother in law saying she wants to discuss their upcoming overnight visit next week so if I could please call her.... I guess she couldn't wait til this evening.  She then proceeds to send me another text asking if she can clean my house for me while she is here.  For some reason this strikes a nerve with me.  I honestly don't think she meant for it to come out as "your house is a damn pig pen and I can't stand to be there in it's current condition.  Why can't you keep house as good as me, even though you work a full time job.... YOU SUCK at life and don't know how to be a good wife to my son "  But that is how I take it.  I didn't even know how to respond to the text.  She worded it nicely, saying that she enjoys cleaning and that Ryan and I work so hard that we deserve a maid sometimes, but I just don't know.  So what am I going to do??  Ignore it and bust my ass on my next days off to have the house effing glistening when she arrives!!  Maybe I'm over-reacting, but it really just irked me.... plus any time she has cleaned she hasn't done things "my way" and that bothers me too because I have to hunt for my things or redo what she did... Ugh, maybe I'm just being a mean bitch... thoughts?  And I'm not a mother in law basher, I really do love Ryan's mom.  She is so sweet and I know that she truly does love me as a daughter and that goes a long way, even if she does write her birthday into my calendar so big that nothing else fits, including the 2 other birthdays that fell on that day, did not use the right color, and her handwriting does not match mine perfectly, EVEN THOUGH there are post-its next to the calendar so that dates can be written down for authorized people aka ME to add in!!

 Oh look, her son does it too.... with his serial killer handwriting! and FYI, sir, I don't need "conquer the galaxy" written on my list because I get that shit done on the daily!!!  yea, I'm that tired

On a positive note, since I'm even getting tired of the grumpiness of this post.... I got back into my  meal prepping and clean eating last night after a few off days that made me feel like garbage on top of getting all bloated and gaining 4 lbs.  I prepped up all my lunches for work, smoothies for before bed, and chopped up veggies for omelets since I can't find my muffin tins to make those little baked egg muffin thingys and guzzled my water like there were unicorns in the bottom of the bottle.   I even decided that yesterday was a good day to start 30DS Level 2 again!  I won't be doing it today due to being physically and mentally exhausted from the thought of having to go back to work tonight (unless I somehow manage to wake up early)  but it feels good to be REALLY sore!  I love how working out makes me feel, and I wish I would remember that every time I chose to watch TV or binge eat instead.
Cajun baked tilapia, roasted zucchini, grapes, a cutie, triscuits with a laughing cow spreadable = YUM!

And don't forget to sign up for the Secret Santa Swap!!  It's going to be oodles of noodles of fun!!   You have until Monday, December 2 to sign up!!  Just email me (jenadams426@gmail [dot] com) your name, address, link to your blog, and a lil something something about what makes Christmas amazeballs to you!!!

Okay, well I'm off to crash.  I hope y'all have an awesome Friday and weekend!  Don't forget to watch Alabama stomp all over Georgia so that we can win back to back national championships!!!


  1. That whole house cleaning thing would irk the shit out of me too... wouldn't be happening. I'd do exactly what you said... clean clean clean until her visit so that your house is so clean she can't stand it! That's over stepping the boundaries in my book, even if she was just trying to be nice.

    Hope you have a good weekend and that things get better! :)

  2. Hahah you crack me up girl. I know I dont know HOW you nurses do it!! My bestie is in the nursing program now and I feel for her sometimes. LOL My aunt is a RN and she has like nerves of steel I think haha. We Non-nurses appreciate you guys though! You can totally make a persons family feel comforted and at ease!! :) That would drive me nuts about the mother in law thing--dont get me started on mine LOL. SHe GAVE ME BACK part of her mothers day gift one time. REALLY. Oh and super cute lunches!!! AND YES BAMA BETTER STOMP GA!!!! We need another championship!!!!!! Holla!!!

  3. Sorry about the shit you had to put up with at work! I would have died.. Literally!
    And sorry about the MIL at least she worded it nicely and I'm sure she doesn't think your house is a pig pen! :)
    Have a fabulous day sleeping girl!

  4. I would take a dirty hobo cleaning my house if that means I don't have to do it...but thats just do whatever feels right for you :) super excited for Secret Santa swap! And loving your prepared lunches!! The laughing cow and triscuits look delish!

  5. I love that you're a "take a text and blow it out of neurotic proportion" kind of person too. It's like a hobby of mine. :) Boo to shit and 50 Shades of Crazy on the night shift. You are a kickass nurse! Everyday that you do the shred, will you text/call me and yell at me until I do it too? Pleaseandthanks... Me love you long time!