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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Can I Get A Do Over?

I would absolutely love it if I could just go back and start this day over!  I have been grumpy all day and not much seems to be going my way, which makes it just wrong.  I hate being in a bad mood, I don't carry it well and subconsciously like to take others down with me.

I stayed up way too late last night working on a gift for a baby shower and just piddling in general, therefore I overslept this morning.  I had planned to get up eat breakfast and go for a run before heading into the city for the baby shower and my work evaluation.  So that was immediately shot.  I then find out that I am supposed to be bringing a stack of papers with me to my evaluation, none of which I have since I apparently never made it onto my boss's email list.  This immediately sends me into a "worst case scenario tizzy"  where I am frantically trying to scramble stuff together and being a world class bitch to all in my path because I just know I will be fired for not bringing in these papers and then they will come take my house and my dogs and my cow parade figurines.  It was not pretty.  For someone who takes pride in being fairly go with the flow, I sure can go bananas when I want to, and I'm sure I will have to make it up to Ryan at some point.

Of course once I got to the evaluation, everything was fine.  I had time to make copies of my certifications and print out the things I needed and was only missing one thing that was easy for her to track down, so my melt down was for nothing.

I popped over to the baby shower for my co-worker before going to meet Ryan and his parents for lunch.  This was the best part of the day, because people went on and on about how cute my diaper cake was and how great I was looking and my cute outfit... major ego boost and I loved every bit of it, cuz I'm a whore like that.

I was pretty proud of this bad boy

After that, I met Ryan and his parents at an amazing burger place where I couldn't eat what I really wanted to so I got a grilled chicken sandwich with grilled vegetables.  Of course when my food showed up there was a huge pile of fresh fries on my plate so I immediately dove in head first asked for my veggies and dumped the fries on Ryan's plate.  They also left all the veggies off my sandwich... I mean come on people, if the fat girl asks for veggies, by all means give them to her!

It was then time to get my vote on.  I honestly hate politics and elections.  I always get so overwhelmed and confused and I don't like missing my shows due to coverage and debates and other breaking news longestrunonsentenceever.  Plus my cynical side tells me that I live in Alabama, and short of Nick Saban or Bear Bryant running on the Democratic ticket we will always be a Republican state so either A) I'm voting with the majority so missing that 1 vote won't hurt or B) I'm voting for the losing team anyways.  I really didn't know all that much going into the election and considered not voting, but then I convinced myself that I had to for all those people who wanted to but never got the chance and fought for my rights and what not.  So last night I scrambled to do some research and rocked the vote today, and when I went to get my sticker I was told they ran out.  REALLY ALABAMA?  Are we that poor?  So I made my own since I was seeing everyone rocking theirs on instagram.

Only in Alabama

the trees across the road from my house!  I love fall!!

I decided that I was going to snap out of this mood and make the rest of the day amazing!  I stopped by Starbucks and snagged a skinny peppermint mocha to officially kick of Christmas and entered it in MFP to find out that it is only 100 calories?!?!?  I know this can't be right, if it is, I will be drinking 14 a day.  And, in sticking with the theme of my day, when I took my first sip I realized they had put whip cream on it.... what can you do?  I am really considering dragging out my Christmas tree tonight while I watch last night's episode of the Voice and alternate between pretending I am Miranda Lambert and daydreaming about doing things to Adam Levine.  I will probably cap the day off with some Jillian since it's starting to get dark outside, and I will make up my run tomorrow before work!

I know these are all repeats from Instagram

That's all for this rant, and sorry to be a Debbie Downer, especially since all in all, nothing bad actually happened.   Here's to a Happy Hump Day tomorrow :)


  1. That diaper cake is awesome sauce, Jenn! And I am an ego boosting whore like that, but you did a really good job.

    I hope you're having a better night!! :)

  2. Super cute diaper cake!! The letter is such a good idea! :)

  3. That diaper cake is great... I love your voting picture.

  4. The diaper cake is awesome!

    And I would drink like 14 cups a day too, 100 calories!

  5. Ummm, how was I not following you on Instagram?! Fixed that, don't you worry!

  6. Love the diaper cake! The SPM is my #1 FAVE at Sbux!!! That bad boy can't be 100 calories or I'm getting an IV of that sh*t! You are so pretty...if I haven't told you like a thousand times. If I haven't, get ready, cause I'm gonna!!! :)