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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I survived all 3 nights of work, even though last night cut it pretty effin close... between not sleeping well all week, heightened security thanks to a recent shooting at another local hospital, an EXTREMELY anxiety riddled patient with an even more anxiety riddled family, doctors who don't want to give medications for said extreme anxiety, and shit river I had used up what tiny bit of patience I have and taken several years off my life.   I was ready to get the EFF out that place and home to my mommy so I can be a princess all week.  After waiting for the barista to finish flirting with the guy ahead of me and make my damn skinny peppermint mocha., spending $50 on a tank of gas and keeking with all my 12 hour smeared eye makeup glory (check it out, you'll feel great about yourself afterwards)  I was on my way! Just an hour and a half drive including a  40 minute conversation with my future mother in law..... she talked, I mostly listened and got cut off anytime I tried to speak, I finally made it home!!  I love coming home!  For the most part, living away from my family isn't too hard.... it isn't a bad drive and my schedule allows me to visit fairly often, but Christmas is special!  I haven't been able to part with any traditions with my family which basically means a balls all out week, but I'm going to love every second of it!!
First world problems I have and all... NOT

So, if you don't already read Kassie's blog, it's a MUST!  She, along with Elle Noel (another must) has put together Operation Red Binki. Go here and check it out, these fellow southern girls totally have there ish in order!  It's a great challenge and I am totally doing it, even though it will be December 26th before I go hardcore.... and I mean HARDCORE, there are  prizes on the line here!

The MOST important prize of all
This week I am just focusing on maintaining  and ramping up my motivation, that seems to be slipping over the month, I have no will power at the moment. Not that I plan on reverting back to complete fat girl status over the holiday week, I just know that by expecting a loss this week, I would just be setting myself up for a disappointment.  To be perfectly honest, this makes me feel terrible about myself, but I'm going to try my best not to let it get me down and take this time to re-evaluate my plan and rediscover what I've been missing since I hit the 50 lb mark.  Not to worry, it's hard to keep this control freak over acheiver girl down for long, especially after seeing my newly thin sister- who still lives at home and has my mom to buy her all healthy groceries and cook for her every night and doesn't have anything to do besides exercise- prance around in her new size 12s and plethora of new Victoria's Secret panties.... no, I'm not jealous/bitter at all.  All, kidding aside, I am so happy for my sister, she has worked hard and after seeing her be big all her life it's nice to see her actually enjoy trying on clothes and getting all prettied up.... I'm sure I'll do a post on her sometime soon, she is one special chica!   I'm going to be back on the trail getting my run on before the new year.... more on my new fitness plans to come :)
 I need to tell myself this everyday, because it's TRUE!

I'm going to do my best to check in over the week, but I will for sure be blowing up instagram and (hopefully) Keek so you can find me there if you miss me too much!  You can find me @jennlynn426 on both sites, I'd love more attention.... only oldest child syndrome anyone???  Hope everyone is having an AMAZING week!!!

I may have a slight problem with this... I just love my blog ladies SO much that I need to know every bite of food you take, outfit you try on, new move you try at the gym, and silly thing your kid does!  I can't help it :)

Yea, I have been totally lazy with the pictures lately, probably because I have been totally lazy with the make up and hair brush lately and have reverted back to my sweat pants.... hmmm any relation to my crap eating and lack of exercise perhaps?!? 
SERIOUSLY?!?!? Bitch, put the Icee down... why am I so excited?
Tutu and shirt I made for Ryan's little cousin!
Story of my life right now... if only dogs could wear tutus :-/


  1. BAH I am addicted to all you blog ladies too and that dog ecard is HIGHlarious..

  2. Why CAN'T dogs wear tutus? I mean, seriously. :) Enjoy your trip home and get those batteries recharged! xoxo