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Monday, December 17, 2012

MIA Pity Party

It's MONDAY!!  I know ya'll are all kinds of exctied to get back to your work week.... not!  Yesterday was my Monday, so at least I have that going for me.

So I have been mostly MIA from the social media world for the past 2 weeks, and it's been kind of a downer.  I didn't realize what an attention whore I really am....  so thanks for feeding my need, folks!  So here's a run down of my life recently, because I'm sure you've all been dying to know where I've been ( just humor the attention whore here).  I'll try to keep this pity party update brief so I can get back to my usual ass kicking.

A couple weeks ago I started to feel awful... fever, aches, cough, chest pains any time I took a breath, being exhausted just from getting up to pee... all the delights.  I pounded OJ like it was my JOB thinking I could stop what was coming... I was oh so wrong.  So I was down for over a week with that junk.... even though I never missed a day of work because I didn't want to miss my overtime shift....... which got cancelled anyways, thanks hospital!  After that I was so behind on everything that I have been playing catch up ever since in between my crappy work pattern for the past 2 weeks and trying to get everything ready for my trip home for Christmas week so that I can I can go balls to the wall some more. 

I love me some Christmas time, but it is ALWAYS hectic in the prep work phase.  I have had several craft gift projects... pictures to come eventually, shopping for both families, wrapping, cleaning, laundry, and packing...  So in order to cram this all in after being sick for a week some things got tossed to the side... ie exercising and eating right.  Luckily, after days of taco bell, pizza, little debbies, soda, ICEEs (my new favorite treat),  Christmas cookies, sandwiches, and zero exercise I have managed to only pack on 3 lbs.  I would like to think that I am going to get back on track today and eat well throughout the holiday week, I know that is probably a lie.  I'll probably indulge in more than my fair share of fat kid goodness while I'm at home, but I'm going to try my best and  make sure I find the time to exercise and starting December 27th, it's back on in full force!  I honestly miss my routines and can't wait to get back into them.

I have attained official broke girl status after taking both dogs to the vet for shots and various issues.  Over the last week, Brick started crying anytime he jumped up on the bed and he hasn't been running full out... we knew something was wrong when Ali beat him to the ball so we got his leg checked out and he has a partial tear of a tendon in his knee :(  Luckily we caught it pretty early on and as long as we can keep him fairly calm for a few weeks, he may heal and we can dodge what I"m sure would be a multi-trillion dollar surgery.  So wish me luck on keeping my 2 year old German Shepherd still, he's already going nuts.  Ali is being treated for a dimidex outbreak... which is some sort of genetic skin issue, and an ear infection.  She has always been our sickly little critter, so no shock there.  An hour and a half, a small pharmacy, and $215 later I am hopefully on my way to healthy babies again.  I may have had a minor melt down..... I mean why does everything choose to happen right at Christmas time AFTER I have already spent all my money on gifts?!

In other news, I am a sheep so I followed the crowd and got me a Keek account, and after about an hour I figured out how to post a video! I'm obsessed, I love getting to see and hear people talk about random stuff!  So now you guys can catch my social awkwardness in all it's glory.  I plan to become just as addicted to that as I am to reading blogs, and posting pictures of my every activity on Instagram.  You can find me there at jennlynn426.  Let me know your user names too so that I can get into full on stalker lady mode!

Okay, that is enough moping!!  I hope y'all have a happy week before Christmas!!  I promise to be back in cool kid action ASAP!  I have missed it too much!!!

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