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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weigh-Day Wednesday (on Thursday)

So, yesterday was weigh day!!!  I never really know how to feel about weigh day.  Part of it is exciting to get the official number of the week.  I say official because we all know that we step on the scale about mid week just to gauge where we stand.  If you say you don't I say you are a lying hefer-lump!  The rest of it is terrifying because I always know if it's a shitty number I'm gonna feel like a piece of crap and God forbid there's a gain!!!  Anyways, since starting 30DS I live in constant fear of gaining, despite being fully aware that inches are what matters!  So as I stumbled out of bed yesterday afternoon, did my morning tinkle, and stumbled onto my scale I was delighted to see this.....

And, yes, it is absolutely mortifying to post this on the internet, but it's important also.  I have come a long way to get to that 230 and I'm pretty damn proud of it.  Besides, I am way more embarrassed that my toe nails look the way they do!  I promise to keep them up a little better for the sake of this weekly post :)  Anyways, this puts me at -4lbs for the week!!  I weighed on Friday for my official 4 month weigh in, and was down another 1.6lbs!!!  So, thank you Jillian for being the evil alien whore that you are, you are the best frenemy I have ever had.  When all this is said and done I hope we can make out.
I know I already posted this on the Fit Camp page, but it was so AMAZING I have to share it again.

I have had a cold for the past few days, and after a crazy ass night at work last night I was exhausted, couldn't breathe through my nose, and was loaded down with 2 slices of pizza, a breadstick, a cupcake, and 2 or 3 cookies.... I'm not really sure because the fat girl took over and I was no longer in control.  Needless to say the last thing I wanted to do after my 12 hours of hell was c25k, but I convinced myself to go since it was so beautiful out and fall is the only time that I would say Alabama is pretty and that once I started running my nose would magically open up and I would be able to breathe better than ever.  YEA EFFING RIGHT!

The first 5 minute run went great!  I was actually moving fairly quick, since after running 25 minutes straight last time, this 5 minutes wasn't shit compared to me and Fergie.... We're T-A-S-T-E-Y!  I passed this amazing lady who was super fit and had on a cute outfit and she gave me 2 thumbs up.  What a hookstar!!  Me and Justin Timberlake started to run faster after that.
As soon as the creepy voice told me to run the next 8 minutes, I realized not only is my nose stuffy, my lungs are full of junk!  I quickly began puffing like I had spent last night face down in an ashtray.  Then actual snot bubbles began to form out of my nose.... those kind that little kids get and you wonder what the hell makes their snot stronger than glue.  I was in the middle of convincing myself that it was okay to stop because "I'm sick"  when I saw her again.... this time she was CLAPPING for me!!  MY heart instantly melted and I began to cry.... but I KEPT RUNNING!  I wiped my snot glue bubbles on my shirt and ran.

I passed her again when I was on my last 5 minute run (I don't know how she never caught me on my walks... she probably thinks I am much more of a BAMF than I really am) and I screamed thank you to her. That lady made my week... More than the 40lb milestone, more than the 4lbs this week, and for damn sure more than that pizza or cupcake!  She didn't know I couldn't breathe and wanted to quit, she just saw a big girl out there doing the best she could.

My goal is to always find someone out there who might need a little boost and give that too them.  That feeling is too awesome not to pass on!!
Thanks so much to all of you who read or started following this blog!  It means more to me than you know.  I hope you all stick around :)

Next post I hope to share my before and progress picture.... YIKES!

Until then.
Love, Jenn


  1. I LOVE that you are down 4 lbs this week. and I may or may not be jealous of that! :)

    Keep rocking it!! You are doing awesome and your blog is great!!!

  2. Awesome loss! And that lady is awesome too! I wish someone would randomly come to my livingroom at 4am to cheer me on, LOL.

  3. Great job girl... awesome loss!! The story about the lady motivating you made me tear up... so great!

  4. You are doing an amazing job! I know how tough it is to put it all out there on the internet like this. I am nominating you for the versatile blogger award. Check it out on my blog:
    Keep up the good work!

  5. OMG - I remember this post from Fit Camp! It gave me chills and tears in my eyes when I read it. I just discovered your blog tonight through Instagram - and I'm in girl crush lurve with it! :) I'm proud of you! I had one if those "Dammit, this starts NOW moments" recently. I've got a good 70 lbs to lose. Keep kicking ass and I'll be back for more Just Jen love so keep it up! xoxo