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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm Too Sleepy for a Witty Title

Good morning ladies! {well technically it's still Tuesday night, but whatever, you won't see this til the morning since you lucky biotches get to sleep at night}

It looks like everyone had a great weekend!  Mine wasn't too shabby, well what I got of it at least.  I got off work Saturday morning and proceeded to sleep for 13 hours... oops.  Ryan came home from work surprised to find me still crashed at 9:30 at night #nightshiftproblems.  Obviously I woke up beyond haaangry after not eating anything all day and was easily convinced that BWW would be a good idea, so I fed Jumbo Jenn chicken wings and potato wedges with reckless abandonment.  Sunday, we had to get Ryan fitted for his tux for a friend's wedding.  I had planned on also going ahead and picking out the stuff for our wedding also, since we drove up there together.  Apparently Ryan jumped ship on that plan and now we will be returning in a couple of months... oh well.  We then dropped my ring of for its 6 month inspection and to get it sized so that I can actually wear it without flinging it off my hand causing panic attacks.  I will get my ring back in about 10 days and it will be a size 6 {down 2 full sizes}... no more plus sized fingers for this girl, that's  the standard size!  We had lunch at Texas Roadhouse, where I once again ate like a ravenous piglet on steroids {maybe it's about PMS time?}.  Also, I ordered our wedding invitations.... way early, but I had a coupon code that was going to expire, and this cheapo can't miss out on 25% off!

I don't even want to get on the scale after the piglet fest, so I may step on tomorrow or I may just get on it whenever I feel like damage may be reversed... we shall see.  To make matters worse,  my phone's auxiliary port managed to get dust or something in it that is blocking my headphones from making a connection.... NO BUENO!  That means this girl couldn't hit the gym this morning{after already changing, getting on the treadmill, and starting my episode of Gossip Girl I tucked my tail and scooted out hoping to be unseen..... except I left my water bottle behind as evidence.... fail}  for what was going to be my 1 workout for the next few days due to my stupid job... I'll get to that in a few.  Hopefully Ryan can get it fixed soon, this girl can not run without distraction!

So, I was basically over this week before it even started.  Thanks to my sometimes fantastic some times shitty work schedule I only had 1.5 days between my work weeks, which means I was still exhausted when I came back to work Monday night.  To add to the fun, we are having a party for a co-worker Wednesday night {never ask a man what theme he wants for a party, he will pick pasta... and your inner skinny girl will cry and your fat your will dance}  so I have to stay up late and skip the gym when I get home this morning to make my pasta dish then fight the urge to dive hooves first into the vairety of gooey cheesey carbohydrates tonight.  Pasta is one of my weaknesses so to say I will have none is probably jsut a straight up lie, so I'm just going to try and load up on salad and keep my pasta intake to a minimum.  Adding more fun to my week is a certification class for 12 hours on Thursday from 3pm-3am Friday morning... this was a great idea in my head, but now that it's about to play out, not so much.  After adding up the math of travel time and getting ready time, I'm looking at about 4.5 hours of sleep between my 3 night stretch and this class.  I'm going to be a hot tranny mess... I just hope I get my certification!

Okay, so this turned into a novel, my bad yo.  I'll leave you here.  I will hopefully be back tomorrow with my big weekend dillemma...... dum dum dum!! Don't you just love the random shit i post from work when I am EXHAUSTED?!?  sorry again for no pics to keep it fun... i will overload you with my face soon!


  1. Sweet Jesus, you are one busy girl! You definitely needed that 13 hours of sleep... now you just need that to carry you over for this week because I see no 13 hour sleep stretches in your near future! Think of me while you're enjoying that pasts... yum yum yummm!

  2. "hot tranny mess" are you by any chance a rachel zoe fan? haha I love her!!! New season starts tonight!
    & also beyond jealous of your texas roadhouse, I'd give my right leg for a chicken critter salad and a cowboy margarita! The one thing I miss about the south!

  3. Way to go on the smaller rings! That's huge!