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Thursday, August 23, 2012

opps :-/

Okay, so maybe I wasn't as dedicated to this blog as my initial post/ambitions set me out to be.  I'm not gonna lie, I have NO freaking clue what I'm doing, and I might as well be starting out these posts with "Dear Diary"  but I WILL figure this out too so bear with me.  

So I obivously didn't think this whole blogging thing through and never realized that unless I put my blog out there NO ONE WILL READ IT... duh!!  There's that college education hard at work, peoples!!  So, big shock when I went to look at how many views and followers I had instantly gained from my one post, and there were 2 views which were probably both mine trying to see how my page looks.  Well today I have 6 views.. so I know someone out there has seen it because I got defeated and quit checking it out.  So today, I am going to go to my new favorite addiction, Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp Facebook page and get some advice from those AMAZING and INSPIRING ladies on how to jazz up my page and surely find some great new blogs to follow, and maybe even a few to read my sad little page and keep my ass in line!!

So... stay tuned, this shit is gonna get real :)  

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  1. The more time you spend on it the more traffic you will get. Sometimes I'm all in and then I get busy with other things and I'm like eh lol. I do like that I can go back and find dates of when things happened and compare old pictures and such. I've been a blogger for about 6 years so I have a lot of memories on my old blog!