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Monday, August 13, 2012

OMG... I'm officially a blogger

Okay, so I have never really been one to journal or to assume anyone would ever care to read what I have to say, but I'm going to humor the internet and give this blogging business a go.  Even if no one ever reads it, I'm being held accountable right? Basically, I'm recording my weight loss journey and just talking about my pretty awesome life.  I was most definitely inspired by reading Mama Laughlin and Holly from Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally and would probably piss my pants if they ever read my little ole blog.  Anyways, enough rambling... I should probably get down to the dirty :)

Just to give you a little sample of what I'm about, I'll call this my "Get To Know Me" post and get to the goods next time.  Firstly, I am 25 and live in Alabama..  I have recently come to terms with this and as an adult, embrace the fact that I am Southern, I mean where else can you say hateful things and as long as you follow it up with "bless their heart" it's OKAY!  I am a Registered Nurse and work in the SICU (surgical intensive care unit) where I get to take care of liver and kidney transplant recipients, which is amazing!!  I can't wait to grow up and be a transplant coordinator.  I recently got engaged to a pretty awesome guy, which was the final trigger for my new found fitness craze.  I'm sure there will be plenty of wedding planning debacle posts to come :)  I also have two babies, Ali and Brick.  Ali is a golden/chow mix who probably couldn't care less if I existed as long as she had her daddy.  Brick is a 16 month old german shepherd, who I'm convinced thinks I literally gave birth to him.... he is my shadow and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I LOVE garbage television!!  Give me toddlers and tiaras and Honey Boo Boo child any day.  I may have a serious pinterest addiction, especially when it comes to wedding ideas and crafts that I honestly have the best intentions of making.  A cold beer never fails to make me feel at least a little bit better, and I truly believe that drinking wine makes you classier.... regardless of what you drink it out of.  Me and Miranda Lambert make an AMZAZING duo and have sold out concerts in my car almost daily.  I hate battling cling wrap, and feel that someone could improve on that crap by now.   I love elephants, I still wish that I could have one as a pet.  Most importantly, I have the best friends and family a gal could ever ask for and I thank God everyday for blessing me with those crazy ass folks :)

That's me!!  I hate taking pictures... probably because I'm so fat!!  And I swear my hair isn't that frizzy, it's just humid as hell in Mexico in September!!

I guess that's more than plenty for now.  In all seriousness, what I hope to gain from this is an outlet.  I have gotten so much motivation from reading others' blogs and if hearing my journey could help just one person I couldn't be happier about it.  I plan to post progression pictures/updates and just vent about how freaking hard this is, but how worth it all the work already is.  I'll get into all that next time, I feel like this is getting quite lengthy :) Thanks for reading my first ever post, see y'all later!!!

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  1. The other night my husband said what the hell is honey boo boo?? Haha I had recorded it on the DVR! We watched one episode together and he refused to watch the second one! That's some good stuff. I'm a fellow southern girl btw, we live right outside of Nashville :)!